We came into this world through the veil of forgetfulness as innocent babies. God’s design was for us to be placed in the care of mortal parents who would teach us. The first lesson we were to learn was to obey.

We follow everything that our parents instruct us to do from walk to talk. We, in our innocent state, trust our parents and follow in their footsteps, taking after their gait, taking after their speech.  We do everything that they do. In that state of innocence and vulnerability, we have no choice but to trust that hand that holds us.

This is a pattern that we continue until we learn to walk on our own two feet and be able to learn more, enough to fly from the nest. Do we not hold the ones that taught us how to walk dearly?

We used to walk with God by sight, now we have to walk by faith. We need faith to be able to know how much of a good parent He is. He is asking us to trust Him as a parent; and us as His children to hold His hand as we continue to learn through every day. Let us obey God and allow our faith to grow, as we shine brighter and brighter with His everlasting love.

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