1A positive relationship is not only about love but it is also about the commitment invested on each other. This means that two people must not only dance to the music together but they must also be in-tune to the music. With positive relationship, you can always be happy and can never be lonely.

You see life to be more meaningful. You are more excited to what everyday will bring. You see every struggle as challenges to make your relationship stronger.

There is a famous saying, “No man is an island.” No man can live without the people around him. As it was written in the Scriptures, God has created both a male and a female, to be his partner.

This only means that God does not want a man to be alone. He wants someone to be our companion. He wants us to be in a relationship to make our life more enjoyable. God wants us to always feel loved and cared for.

When you speak to a prophet, you will get to value the relationships that you have and gain the knowledge and wisdom to discern whether your current relationship are good for you or not.

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