What are the negotiables? What are the non-negotiables? For example, if your partner is a basketball fan and you’re not so fond of the sport, will you spend your Saturdays watching his games to support his interests? On the other hand, if your girlfriend is a vegetarian, will you give up eating meat? There are things you can give up for love,, there are things you can’t.

One of the best examples will be your stand on sexual purity. You must not compromise on pre-marital sex. If your partner thinks it’s okay to have sex before marriage, and your beliefs is you should wait, you should stand for what you believe in.

Adopting beliefs without assessment can be quite troublesome, as they lead to confusion and self-doubt later on. You might end up wondering if these beliefs you have about your partner and your relationship are making your life better, or only obstructing you and going against what you are all about. There are also some beliefs we hold on to because they have been around for so long, even though they can be limiting and obstructive.

They may have served their purpose back when they were formulated, but as time changes, so do we. We eventually outgrow these beliefs without realizing it. The old beliefs we have may no longer apply to us anymore, and should be let go of in order to make room for more productive ideas. We must be able to distinguish our beliefs, including those which no longer serve us anymore.

Think about your beliefs and ask yourself if they distinguish you to be the person that you choose to be. It is never too late to rethink old principles and ways of seeing things.

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