God has deposited great treasures inside of us – treasures that have been hidden; treasures that have not yet been revealed; treasures that will launch us into our destinies. Let’s prepare ourselves for a visitation that is going to change our lives forever. God has heard our prayers in the midnight hour. Our days of frustration are coming to an end!

The enemy is very clever at using our egos to edge God out of our lives. He will convince us that right is wrong and wrong is right. He is the master at playing head games that cause confusion even in the best conditions.

Miracles are always hidden in adversity!

The truth is, whatever is contrary is only temporary! When we are next in line for a miracle, we cannot allow the negative reactions of others to throw us off our game. While God is preparing us for the miracle, He is working on getting the attention of our adversary. Great responsibility has been placed on our shoulders. The old has passed away, and we’re being made anew.

As long as we continue to wear our armor, the darts from the enemy will have no success. The enemy gets the glory when the dominos start falling and we feel helpless to do anything about it.

The adversity that has appeared in our lives to try to bring us back to “Egypt” WILL NOT manifest in our experience! Our faith has unlocked the door to our wealth, health and happiness. Repeat this affirmation… “I am filled with the desire to make the necessary changes for manifestation to happen in my life.” When change comes knocking at our doors, do not hesitate to open it.

What can really stop us once our minds are made up to go for it? The only chance the enemy has in succeeding against us is that we forget our Source. It’s no secret that the enemy wants us to remain the same, stuck in a perpetual state of confusion and complacency. But when things seem to be at their worst, we have always been able to go within ourselves and make something happen.

No Challenge Is Too Big for You

Things can appear to be too much, but God is saying, “NEVER let them see you sweat!” The energy that we are using to manifest the seed is the same energy that is available to us every single day.

Our naysayers will always gather when it looks like we will not make it. They will show up as spectators, in hopes that we will throw in the towel. They will show up shouting, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” But the Spirit is saying, “Your miracles are in motion!”

Stop operating in fear and start moving in faith. The Holy Spirit will never leave us on an island by ourselves. Whenever trouble shows up to run interference in our lives, the Holy Spirit will raise a standard of excellence. Our MIRACLE is on the other side waiting for us to show up! The power of prophecy is working for us and our households. So, count it all with joy!

Deep sea fishing doesn’t happen hanging around the shore. When we want something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “This is the season for radical changes to take place in our lives. What has been holding us down and keeping us from seeing the truth are being exposed. The grip of poverty and sickness is being arrested as we begin to walk in our truths.”

To discover our treasure trove, we must do things differently! We cannot run and hide when the voice of God comes calling our names. We must seek the face of the Father like never before. It is in His presence where we will find ourselves. Right before the breakthrough, in the midst of adversity, right at the brink of destruction, a sound comes from heaven saying, “Be of good courage!” Shout with me, “MY MIRACLE IS IN MOTION!”

Move with Confidence and Claim Your Miracles

Every step that we take, we are moving with confidence and in harmony towards our destinies. We’ve gone through the fire; we’ve gone through the rain; and our faith has sustained us. The enemy will always show up when our harvest is being prepared to be released.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” (Philippians 1:6)

When we KNOW the truth that we are a winner, we will prevail. The storms don’t last always. Weeping, heartache and pain may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. When we connect ourselves to the all-knowing, powerful God, we will prevail. Think about our lives. Think about the endless possibilities that are waiting for us. Step out in faith and sow your seeds. Then, SHOUT AGAIN… “MY MIRACLES ARE IN MOTION!”

This whole season is going to be an amazing one for all of us, full of testimonies of the hand of the Lord working mightily in our lives. I know it sounds crazy, but just believe the prophet and we will prosper!

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