Although the church or the body of Christ has many members, everyone of it is as equally important to the other. No one is greater just because he can sing or prophesy or speak eloquently in front of many. Jesus, the head of the church, is fair in treating every part of his body.

Every member of the body of Christ is important. If the body is not working in sync, then the growth and strength of the whole body are impeded. That is why it is important that each member makes an effort to meet with each other on the Sabbath. Because during this day, all body parts or members of the church meet and together give worship to God. As they do, their faiths become stronger and their prayer becomes stronger. Jesus said, “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

This is why the Sabbath is important and has to be kept holy by every follower of God. Sabbath is not just a tradition or a scheduled gathering of every member of the church. Observing the Sabbath is actually the commitment that as a follower of Christ, you are keeping his body strong and alive with the other members

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