1A midlife crisis is one that has an emotional significance, an event or a radical change of status in a person’s life.  He is in the midlife and he has to decide that he is no longer going to be a youth.  And then when they don’t make the right decisions, that is when it becomes a crisis because they are not growing.  They are not going forward, they’re going backwards.  So, now the 40-year old man wants to retreat back into the 20-year old boy; or the 40-year old woman wants to retreat back into the 25-year old girl.  This is a crisis.  Why is it a crisis?  They are being brought to a place to become certain and to decide, and they don’t want to make the decision to be who they are ordained to be.

This is where personal prophecies come in. They help you figure out who you are as a person, what you should be doing, what your skills and talents are and what God’s purpose for you is. God already has a plan for you, why are you so lost? Why are you experiencing this crisis? You shouldn’t be.

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