Ever since you started giving your life to God, how much have you grown? How long have you been a Christian? In that span of time, do you think you’ve truly grown? How do you even measure your growth?

Speaking to a prophet can you answers to these questions. Knowing your written prophecy allows you to track how much you have grown as Christian and find out the areas that you need to work on as well. A factor that might contribute to knowing your growth is having providential relationships. This means that you do not keep to yourself and you are mingling and socializing with people not only in your neighborhood but in your church community as well. Have you joined any ministries lately? How are your relationships? Do you have any meaningful friendships? We grow by seeing how faithful God has been to other people. It adds up to our faith and spiritual growth.

If you feel like there’s more for you to learn and you want to grow more as a Christian, you can speak to the school of prophets and let them help you in areas that you need guidance in. God wants you to make use of your full potential. He wants you to go out there and grow with other Christians. Learn from God’s prophetic Word and start growing!


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