“Manifestation Can Change Your Life with free prophecy”

Are you ready to make the changes for manifestation to happen with your free prophecy?

The dictionary defines manifestation is an event or action or object that clearly shows or an abstract idea.

There are some people who are distressed in making changes due to uncertain consequences. But with the help of God they can make the right choices and push the enemy out of lives.

God will always give you a signal that points to change. These change can come with a Free Prophecy Today! These signals may not necessarily be obvious or pleasant, yet nonetheless, you must recognize them and prepare yourself for change. These signals will even come from angels you meet in the form of men and women.

Angels are activated to help take away the burdens being experienced by the people of God.

I want you to do this prophetic exercise:

  1. Examine a few of the mistakes you have made in the past and ask yourself. What forms did your angels take to warn you before any of the mistakes were made?
  2. Discover in what ways have you acknowledged or ignored them.
  3. Given your results, what new steps will you take to acknowledge your angels.

Your attention is being called to acknowledge your angels. What you have experienced over the last nine months has been nothing short of a miracle. Your Prosperity Angel is throwing out an anchor that will cause your life to settle.

There will be many people who will miss their angels in this season, they are going to miss many opportunities.

The perfection prophecy example:

Do you know “What is the perfection prophecy“?

A perfection prophecy is simply the physical outcome of a situation being influenced by our thinking. It can be both positive and negative. This phenomenon describes how our identity shapes how we act and communicate.

The perfection prophecy cycle:

Imagine this prophecy as a cycle with five basic steps:

  1. You form expectations of yourself, others, or events – for example, you may think – Emma won’t like me.
  2. You express those expectations verbally or nonverbally – so I`ll keep my distance from her.
  3. Others adjust their behavior and communication to match your messages.
  4. Your expectations become reality – you may conclude that Emma actually doesn’t like you.
  5. The confirmation strengthens your belief – every time you see Emma, you’re reminded that she doesn’t like you.
Feeling bad and unlikable is an unwelcome outcome, but it doesn’t have to be like this! More positive beliefs that lead to different behaviors could bring about the desired outcome.

Every year we hear group of people of God proclaim and declare holy spirit that the New Year is a year of so and so. By the word of the lord, we hear “manifestation of god!” 365 days comes and goes and all we had in that particular year was famine, dryness, unfruitfulness, woes, good fight and problems upon problems; and we begin to wonder “Are these men of God have spirit of God? They should do promises of god “WHAT HAS GOD PROMISED TO DO FOR YOU AND IN YOU VIA PROPHECY?” That word of god can still be fulfilled in your life today if only you will take up the responsibility to WORK THE PROPHECY.

Perhaps you’re without a kid, and prophetically you’ve been told that you had a kid over 15 and no kid has come.

You could prophetically have been told that you’d have a great business over 2 decades and still have the grasp of lack and dissatisfaction..

Maybe you were told prophetically that something would happen for you, and there is no manifestation.. No matter what the prophetic Word may be about, you can still in a very good position to have it come to pass in your life. If you are willing and ready, then let us get you started on the spiritual processes involved in WORKING PROPHECIES INTO PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION!

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