1Being a child of God entitles you to access the many gifts, skills and talents that He has in store. There are so many Christians who still feel as though they are lacking so many things in their lives without knowing that they already have all they need. They do not understand that they are very much capable of living up to their full potential. Once you realize this through the power of prophecy, you will be able to achieve the things that you have dreamt of.

Everything that you need is already within you. The supply that you are going after is not outside yourself it is within. Most people look outside of themselves to find their treasure, not realizing that their treasure is on the inside of them.

Once you discover that you will never want for anything another day of your life. That is by far one of the most revealing truths concerning you. Life is all about discovery and discovering God in you. There are things that you think that you knew twenty years ago, that now you realize are really not as you thought. Supply happens when you tap into yourself and begin to recognize how valuable the gems and precious stones are on the inside of you.

Do you feel like your like is still lacking something? Discover God’s’ Word for you and get a prophetic reading from one of Bishop Jordan’s prophets. Once these things are revealed to you, you are able to fulfill His prophetic destiny and realize that gifts that you have as His child. Speak to a prophet today. Click here and get your free written prophecy.

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