1How are you currently living your life? Would you say that you are producing a life of prosperity and abundance? Or would you say otherwise? If you’re thinking otherwise, then why do you think you aren’t producing the kind of life that you desire for yourself?

If what you are doing produces a spirit of regret or anxiety that is not your prophetic birth assignment. Don’t question God about your time of birth. Never let situations or circumstances interfere with what God is doing in your life. There will be days when you wish you were born in a different time, place or even family. It doesn’t matter when you were born; you cannot escape your prophetic birth assignment.

You prophetic assignment has been delegated to you by God. People who have received this through their written prophecy feel blessed because they finally have purpose in life and now know what God has planned for them. Would you like to know what your birth assignment is? Click here now and start speaking to a prophet.

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