A famous band once said, “there is a light that never goes out.” As Christians, we know that it is the light of our everlasting Savior, our Rock and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He is the perfect exemplar. He showed us what it was like to be a true Son of God. He is never out of reach. Yet there are times that it seems we are far from His grasp and we are in a black hole of despair and unhappiness. It is when His spirit leaves us that we feel most vulnerable.

We need Him in our lives. The thing is, He is just outside the door knocking on our hearts and it is up to us to let Him in.

How can we invite the Savior into our lives? Here are three ways you can do that:
Pray- We pray to the Father in the name of the Son. His eternal sacrifice enables our prayers to reach the heavens.
Read the scriptures- If prayer is our way of communicating to our Father in Heaven, His Holy Books are His way of reaching out to us. The words of His servants, the prophets, are God’s own words.
Sing- There is nothing more glorious to God than to hear His children in song. As we raise our voices to Him, our songs will draw Him closer to us.

Remember that God is always there. When we find it hard to feel Him is the time we must make an extended effort to reach out to Him, through prayer, scripture study and song.

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