At the point when you know your motivation, life purpose becomes satisfying.

When you discover your purpose of in life, every day is rewarding.

At the point when you see how every experience, individual, work, and so on has an influence on your motivation, you will see life in an unexpected way.

Things being what they are, how can you discover your motivation? I’m happy you inquired.

Your motivation is implanted within you, yet you should be still, get peaceful and ask GOD what his purpose is for your life. I realize this part is hard for most.

Just considering being quiet enough to hear is a test, yet not feasible. Your mind is a teachable muscle.

Snatch a note pad, pen/pencil, clock, and find a quiet area.

Set the clock for 3-5 minutes. Work on being quiet and still.  If you notice your mind is restless, this is a big indicator that it needs to be trained.

As you continue to practice stillness, you will grow to love the quiet. 

Now let’s begin a brainstorming session.  Set the timer for 3-5 minutes.  You will do this for each of the three questions.  Avoid overthinking, analyzing, or trying to be perfect.  Just write down everything you can think of.

The principal question is, “What do you appreciate doing?”

Second, “What did you appreciate doing as a kid?”

And third, “What do others say you do well, or what do people ask your opinion for?”

Review your list.  Determine if there are patterns.  Circle them.  Your answer is embedded in your response.  If you don’t find it right away, continue to practice stillness. Your answer will come.

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