Know Yourself

Even age is not enough for one to get to know who he or she really is. At times you may feel there is something missing in your life. In your mind, you know that there is, but mysteriously enough, you just could not explain what it is or be definite about it. You just really feel empty, even if you have already achieved so much.

That feeling of emptiness is not what God has in store for you. As a child of God, you are destined to live the life as He has planned. As you go on with life, you are presented with a lot of opportunities wherein you can make a choice whether to know God and your prophecy, or to ignore Him and the people he had made to helped you get to know Him and his prophecy.

Many tend to look outside of themselves to define their happiness and fulfillment. Everything outside of yourself are is worldly. Worldly things are easily achieved by the physical body through education, a job, other people and money.

Until you start knowing your inner self, you will never fill whole. Since birth, all of us were endowed with everything we need in this life. It takes prayer, prophecy and acceptance to understand that there is actually nothing missing in your life. Listen to God’s word, get free prophecy, and know what God has in store for you. Until you embody the prophecy, you will not realize your gifts that were given to you when you were a child. Until you understand the prophecy, you will never feel that you are happy with life as is after all. Do not waste your time living in ignorance of the meaning of your life.

Realizing the prophecy will make you feel that there is nothing more you want in your life, you already have everything. You did not know it years back, but you already have everything. God has made everything you need in life available to you and the prophecy speaks about that. Listen to what the prophet tells you, get to know who you are deep down and enjoy your wonderful life.

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