Let’s all walk on water!

God is saying, “THE WORST IS OVER!”

Our faith is required to birth the dream, idea or vision into the world so that we can experience the tangible manifestation of abundance. OUR FAITH IS REQUIRED! It’s time to walk on water! IT’S A NEW SEASON!

SING in faith…

I will sing a brand new song to Him,
Oh let my anthem ring.
Oh hallelujah to the King of Kings,
Hallelujah to His Name!

God is calling us forth!

Do not allow our minds to be a dumping ground for the enemy. Pay close attention to what is entering our ear gates. If we waste time fighting the enemy, we will miss the mark. Only fight the good fight of faith!

It’s time to walk on water. It’s time to take the risks and move our dreams forward. This is a season of manifestation. As we sow our seed, we are putting our faith in action. It is a seed that will scream “HALLELUJAH” in the face of impossibility, knowing that God is greater!

The enemy has tried to use his tactics to slow down our momentum and keep us from hearing the prophetic voice of God concerning our current status. But God is saying to each of us, “I am moving prophetically. I am moving you to spaces that you have never moved in before; moving you into seasons that you’ve never stood in before; moving you into places of divine grace. Although you may feel faint, don’t break rank!”

God Wants Us to Live Our Best Life

It was never the Father’s intent for us to entertain the distractions of the adversary. Be focused on God! Our faith is required of us. The Holy Spirit is working overtime on our behalf, removing all the lingering distractions so that we can live our best life. Anxiety, stress and worry can no longer be a part of our thought process. God has too much for us to do in this season!

The enemy is after our finances, our careers, our families and our lives. Our adversaries show up to kill, steal and destroy the Promise. His attacks are calculated to stop us from manifesting our Promise. Our best offense is a better defense.

I call you, my sons and daughters
to walk on the water.
Come hold My hand, I’m reaching for you,
walk to me. I’m calling you. Hear my call.
I’m calling you to walk on the water.

Take Caution

We lose a day in the Father’s presence and in manifesting our promises every day that we waste fooling with the enemy. We have to be courageous in this season. The blame game is not going to work. We MUST stand firm and work our faith. The only way out is to allow the Holy Spirit to move and have total control over our lives.

Here is the Good news! The Spirit of the Lord is ready to move on our behalf. The Power of Prophecy is the bridge that allows us to cross over into our Promised Land without sinking.

The dreams that we have been having are glimpses into the “absolute” mind of God and provide insight into the plan and vision that God has for us. We operate in the absolute mind of God when we dream that He heals us. When we dream that we are living a debt-free life, we are operating in the absolute mind of God. The absolute mind of God allows us to see the good that God has for us without distractions!

We Cab Bless The World

Everyone is born with the innate ability to bless the world. Many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14) God chose us to walk through this life as an example of what He can when the world rejects us. The next five years of our journey is going to pave the way for generations to follow. The legacy that we are building right now is a result of our obedience to the word of the Lord in our lives. Nothing can hold us back.

Our faith is creating the lives we desire!
There is NO stopping us!
We have been made free…so GO FOR IT!
Our faith is making us whole!

Trust The Master Prophet

We need to trust the Master Prophet by sowing our seed into his prophetic ministry for a prophetic word from the Lord that is going to make the process clear for us. One cannot WALK ON WATER in isolation. We need a prophetic guide to help us navigate the unfamiliar territory. The seed says, “Father, I trust you.”

DO NOT WORRY about our tomorrow. The Master Prophet is going to walk us through the uncertain places and give us instructions that will help us unlock our Promise!

Let us break EVERY curse in our lives that has tried to quiet the greatness of our destinies living inside of us. Know that when the prophet serves the death certificate on something, it is dead!


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