God as a priority, however, is the ideal context of our lives. “Context” pertains to one’s mindset. Unlike content, a person has full control over their context, if they choose it. When you set God as your context, everything that happens to you is perceived in the light of your relationship with God.

When we have a set context, no matter what happens to the content of our lives –e.g. we lose the job, a friend passes away, money is lost, etc. -for so long as our context is strong, we will not be shaken or rattled. This is because whatever happens to our content happens within the context that we choose. Therefore, we if choose God’s empowerment as our context, no matter what may happen to any aspect of our life, we will remain strong and able.

If we decide to let content dictate context, we are allowing the things in our lives to rule over God. We are choosing to put temporary and unstable things before the one Being that is completely reliable and impenetrable –the Lord Himself.

We must choose God as our context because He is the one thing that will remain to be true and unshakable, despite everything around us changing. We should be assured knowing that no matter what happens to the external things around us, God, who is within us, is constant. The moment you choose an idol by putting something else over God, you make yourself vulnerable to content dictating context.

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