Living inside a physical body limits our life. Our body confines us to a particular time and place and gives us a ceratin physical abilities but not others so we would not be able to do everything we may like to do. Our body can become sick or injured, and it will age eventually die all of which further limit what we can do. Keep in mind that He has made us out of dust, and to dust we will eventually return. Let that knowledge motivate us to seek and rely on his help as we live each day. Instead of trying to run our own life with our limited power, invite Him to lead us and work through us with God limited power.

Present our body to Him as a living sacrifice in worship to God. We can practice fasting with our stomach, praying with our mouth and ears, purity with our eyes and service to others in His name with our hands. Be sure to celebrate the sacrament of baptism if we have not already, using our body to express our new life with Christ. Using our body to eat and drink as we remember Christ’s bodily sacrifice for us is a powerful way of connecting with God.

Look to Christ as our ultimate role model of how to handle suffering. When God suffered, Christ did not let this pain overwhelm God or cause God to ignore other people needs. Christ reached out through God’s pain with compassion to help others. Ask God to give us strength to respond to our own suffering in the same way. When we were facing death, thank Him that we can face it without fear because of Christ bodily sacrifice that made our salvation possible.

Master Prophet believes that our body needs water, food, water, and shelter. When we keep our mind that we were dependent on those natural resources for our body’s ongoing existence we can see the important of His call to take good care of God creation on earth. Derive our sense of personal identity from our relationship with Christ rather
than from our body’s appearance.

“Do not know that you are are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroy God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)

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