When we have small children it is easy to stay focused on their care as they are helpless. As your child matures they become more independent and it is important to nurture this independence. However as parents it is very important to remember even that young man who is towering above you still needs your guidance, discipline and love to continue on the path to become a well adjusted adult.

Continue to Care for Them
You know you love your child just as much as you always have, but do they? Teens are faced with challenges far greater than we often care to admit. When we demand too much of them it can often send the message we no longer care for them. Try to do as much for your teen as possible to show them you still love them and are still taking care of them. Many parents expect teens to do everything for themselves, to do their laundry, to shovel the drive way to prepare their own lunches for school; but this might send the message you are no longer willing to take care of them. Make sure you have a balance adding more responsibility to your teen while still showing them you are willing to care for them.

Continue to Show Interest in Them
When our children are little we are constantly cheering them on and telling them what a good job they have done even for the smallest accomplishments. As they become older we tend to become more critical, even if we have the best intentions to help them improve their efforts. It is important to continue to show interest in their accomplishments and praise them for what they are doing everyday. Although teens may seem aloof they do still love you and need your love in return. Find something nice to say to them everyday, even if you have to swallow your pride to do so.

Continue to Seek Guidance
God is the almighty father and teaches us how to be better parents through his love for us. A Free Christian Prophecy
can provide you with the guidance you need to continue to be a better parent and help your teen maintain a life along the right path.

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