1At this moment, there is tremendous warfare in the heavens, which is resulting in a great shaking on earth to purify the church. The church is entering a new phase, marked by a great harvest of souls and characterized by Kingdom evangelism with the goal of going beyond the walls of the ecclesiastical edifice to infiltrate every strata of the secular world with the Lordship of Christ.

A major ingredient is missing for this new phase. The missing ingredient is more Christ-centered leaders. Are you called to be a leader? Find out through your free prophecy.

In the third world countries particularly, the church is growing so fast that it lacks the leaders to conserve the fruit of evangelism. In America, we have a need for leaders who are willing and able to feed God’s sheep.

We have prepared leaders in the last twenty years by filling them with information, but giving them little or no modeling. Jesus spent three years with His disciples and planted a mustard seed of ministry in them.

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