Just like the innocent sheep in the pasture, we have been put into this world without any idea on how our lives would really go. Yes, we do know that God has a wonderful plan for all of us, but we never know what that plan is, not until we step into that circle of prosperity, abundance, freedom, happiness- of a better life that God has promised, and realized that that’s it already. From the moment we took our first glimpse of this world’s bright sun, cold air and warmth, we are like the sheep scattered in the field which we call Earth, waiting for our Shepherd to call us and tell us what to do.

The good thing with the sheep is that, they always hear their shepherd. Whenever they are called, they know it, and immediately do what their shepherd has commanded- eat, walk, gather, and so on. But for us, human, listening to our Shepherd is a little hard, for it requires not just the ears, but also the heart and the gift to hear every word He is saying; words, which are our guide in living in this world going through a prosperous, productive, and happy life. We need to deeply seek Him and concentrate in order to hear His still, small voice and listen with all our hearts.

The Lord understands that not everyone has the ability to grasp every message He is whispering for all His people; that not everyone has the capability to understand every word He utters as His instructions in living life into this word, which is why He appointed and anointed prophets– people who would deliver His message to mankind, and help humanity live a life that is in accordance to His will and plans.

It’s about time you clearly listen to what the Lord is telling you. Get your free prophecy today. Hear it from the prophets and let your life go into the flow of God’s river that ends into the place where His successful ones are.


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