“Be ye therefore imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, even as Christ also loved you, and gave himself up for us.” (Ephesians 5:12)

Every real father desires to reproduce himself in his son. The Fathers dream reproduce Himself in us. We understand the the New Creation has received the nature and life of the Father. We invite the Holy Spirit, who has imparted to us this nature from the Father, to come into our body and make His home in us, the as we begin to feed on the Word, practice the Word, live the Word, He builds that Word into us.

We have the Holy Spirit who inspired it as our teacher. He has never left His position as instructor. He is here in our heart, and He longs to fill us with exact knowledge of the Father’s will in all Spiritual wisdom and understanding. It will be wisdom to use the knowledge of this revelation in our daily walk. It will be wisdom to know how to use the statements of fact as well as the promises in the Gospel. It will be wisdom to know how to make this message known in an attractive way. We are to have knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom a deeper insight into the very heart of the Father.

Master Prophet believes that giving unto the Fathers who has given us the ability to enjoy our share of inheritance of the saints in light. This is a climax of the heart desire of the Father that we should so let Him live His life in us, that we begin to enjoy our share of our inheritance in Christ. We are drawing dividends on what He has done for us and in us. We are coming to enjoy the riches of His Grace. Lear more about art of war, join Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan on live teleconference.

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