growing in faithIf you’ve been a Christian for more than a decade, then you are probably aware of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. These are the traits that you grow into as a Christian, slowly having them and truly reflecting Jesus in your life. If you feel like you haven’t received all of the fruits, then there must be a lack of spiritual maturity on your part.

When you speak to a prophet, you will learn how to gain these fruits and become spiritually mature in your faith. Consider this: “To be fruitful means to be able to show progress in your walk with God. Just as a baby learns to walk and gets better and better at it, so it is with Christians. Having a mature faith not only show our great love to God but also proves richness in our relationship with Him. God’s kingdom is supposed to be coming everyday in our life. It should be recurrent that Jesus Christ’s role is getting bigger in our life. A big breakthrough will unfold as we see new aspects of God because His kingdom is beginning to come. His reign is going to take place in our life.

Would you like to gain spiritual maturity in your walk with God? Then speak to a prophet today and receive your free written prophecy. Grow in your faith and discover what it’s like to become mature in your faith.


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