1If you are going to be successful in life, you must have the right vision. You must have foresight of the success that God has ordained for your life. Therefore, it is pertinent that you visualize the good that God has ordained for your life.

You have to get the right vision. You have to think the right thoughts. How do you think the right thoughts? You can think the right thoughts by eating the food of the angels, the food of the Almighty. The food of the angels is the manna that God sends from heaven, right thoughts, prosperity thoughts, and healthy thoughts.

Your purpose and your good incubate in your sleep. Something is growing in you while you are asleep. You are dreaming yet another dream. God will put the cure for what ails you in a dream.

God wants to visit you in your dreams. In the Job passage, the word “night” not only signifies the physical night, but it also represents the unconscious or a place where things are not easily seen. It is only when you are dreaming that your ears are open.

Dreams expose the thieves that are in your temple, and they surface in your dream in what the famous psychologist, Carl Jung, calls the “collective unconscious.” God seals your instructions in the sleep state. Your angels are working in your dreams.

When you speak to a prophet, he will help you in understanding your visions and dreams that God has provided. You will be able to fulfill your purpose through your free prophecy. Click here to contact a prophet about your visions and dreams.

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