One season, David was a shepherd, the next season, he was a king! One season, Ruth was working in the field, the next season, she owned the field! One season, Mordecai was sitting outside the king’s palace, the next season, he was inside the palace! Right now, you’re in your next season called, “THE HARVEST!”


Are you ready to taste the fruit of your inheritance during this tremendous LAW of ABUNDANCE season? Do you desire for the Lord to walk you out of your pit, and into your palace concerning your finances? You’ve been praying unto the Lord for deep financial favor to visit you because you’ve been going through some rough financial patches for some time now.


You may be standing in what feels like a cold, financial winter of your life, yet the truth is God is preparing to SEASON your abundance so that it is suitable for your taste! God is about to cause your abundance to SPRING forth so that you can taste the fruit of your next season called THE HARVEST! That SEASON is now! Glory!


One of the most vital and crucial things that you must understand in the kingdom of God is how to recognize your next season. Identifying and understanding your next season will help prevent you from tasting the bitter spoils of defeat in the future. It will also help prevent you from making wrong turns and unwise decisions in your life. 


The Lord says if you understand your next season, you will know when it is the right time for you to make a move. You’ll also see all the right doors open for you and everything falls into place according to His plan, especially provision.


If you are endeavoring to do something in life that you know that God has instructed you to do, yet it seems as if you are running into all kinds of various walls, roadblocks, obstacles, fire, heavy resistance, closed doors, insurmountable pressure, and unfavorable conditions, then check your timing of events, and check your SEASON too, because life doesn’t taste right.


In Psalm 34:8, the scriptures declare that we taste and see that the Lord is good, and blessed is the man that trusts in Him! The Lord says that as your purpose to trust in Him, this law of abundance season shall be your next season, because God has ordained this season for you to taste and see that He is good, especially concerning your finances! 



The voice of the Lord says,

  • Your NEXT SEASON is what God has been preparing you for!
  • Your NEXT SEASON is an abundant season that’s seasoned by God!
  • Your NEXT SEASON is now, in the abundant name of Jesus!

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