Did you know that God is the One who Called You to Greatness?

As Samuel experienced, the Lord might appear to you. Not only did the Lord speak to Samuel, calling him by name, but 1 Samuel 3 says that the Lord appeared to Samuel again or often there at Shiloh. The people around you might inadvertently begin to hint at your calling. They might suggest you’re strange. They might say, “How did you know that? That must have been God!” Others might begin to recognize your gift. But remember the truth of what the Scripture says: If you have a gift, it will make room for itself. God will open the door to you. He is the One who called you—He can bring His call to fruition in your life.

The first portion of your training is called portion. It is the seemingly ambiguous time of walking around and doing strange things, most of the people around you don’t understand you. Sometimes, depending on your choices, you become a better person during this initial shakeup, sometimes you become worse. Being called to the prophetic office is not an easy thing. There is prophetic blood you spill that nobody knows about. There are tears you shed in private, and at the same time you shed them, it seems that nobody understands them.

But here’s the key: God is the One who called you, and He is the One who can bring that call to fruition in your life. The Bible says He actually stores your tears. Why would He do that if they didn’t matter to Him? Not one of them is lost. So if you’re dealing with difficulties, take heart. God is your support, and He can cause all things to work out for your good.

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