In life, there are only two types of people: A GIVER or a TAKER!


Givers think differently than takers. Takers discuss poverty and the downside of life. Givers destroy poverty and are focused on being a blessing to others. Takers spend time concentrating on what they can get for free. Givers care enough to fight for what they know is right. Takers create captivity.


The truth is, GIVERS are entitled to DIVINE RECOVERY because they can never really lose what God has ordained as a return, due to their giving nature! On the other hand, TAKERS aren’t entitled to anything less than a struggle. It is because their inherent nature is to apprehend things that are neither due to them nor owed to them! THEY TAKE!


That’s why the Lord began to speak to me concerning you during this LAW of ABUNDANCE season because you are a GIVER, and set in motion for you is DIVINE RECOVERY.


What does this mean for you? During this explosive LAW of ABUNDANCE season, the Lord is set to send you financial restoration as you release your faith. It doesn’t matter if you are currently unemployed, in the middle of losing a contract or suffering any other financial stagnation. Today the Lord decrees and declares, “DIVINE RECOVERY FOR YOU!”


You must understand that your power is in your consciousness of being! IT’S TIME TO BE THE GIVER WHO KNOWS YOU HAVE FINANCIAL FAVOR FROM THE LORD! The Bible declares you possess the power to get wealth because this is part of the substance that God had placed on the inside of you. God gave you the magnificent tools to RECOVER what the enemy has taken from you. It is because He has given you gifts and talents that were designed to restore His glory in your life whenever you find yourself facing a financial dilemma!




The Lord says He is opening the doors of FINANCIAL FREEDOM through your application of Divinity! God has given you a sharp mind and an even sharper imagination! You have the unique ability to draw people to you. God says this is your season to operate in the consciousness of BEING ABUNDANT!


The Lord says, some may say you are going to fail, but failure is never an option for you. You are connected to your brighter future through your relationship with the prophet! You must know that when you believe the prophet, you prosper, just as it is written in the word of God!


The Lord says what this LAW of ABUNDANCE season can give you in regards to your destiny and future. You can have access to your bright future when you believe the prophet!


There is a particular financial situation that God is going to RECOVER because of your awakening and summary of faith. The Lord says that He has charged a specific MONEY ANGEL to investigate on your behalf and RECOVER any accounts, checks, statements, and monies that are rightfully yours! RECEIVE IT NOW in Jesus’ Name! Thank You, Father!


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