Get ready for Future Blessing:

A lot of people look at having a problem as a sign of weakness or as a threat but believe it or not, problems are obstacles for a future blessing.

It could be a blessing of growth, alignment or wisdom. Regardless,God has given to us in different form, the purpose is for our own good

When you ask the Lord for clarity and that’s when He will lead you back to the story of the adulteress (John 8) Jesus dismissed her sin when the Pharisees attempted to have her stoned.

Incredible justice of the Lord!

See, the adulteress was in a bit of a jam, wasn’t she? She had a difficult case ahead of her because she was guilty of the accusation.

Yet her future was preserved by the incredible justice of the Lord! Your future is being preserved by justice! 

In life, you will encounter difficult “cases” that you cannot avoid, isn’t there? There are times when you can feel the pressure to deal with the problem.

Your feeling:

You might also feel as if you are stuck in your current situation at home or your job just to prepare for the future blessing. An unexpected happening is about to occur in your life.

The daily duty is sucking your energy and joy in life as you may feel like the routine is killing your pass. Guess what?

The best way to bless yourself is to be a blessing to someone else. If you don’t want to waste your life, you must use it to serve others.

God has plans for us:

God has so much more destined for your future and God is saying to you today, do not worry for your future blessing because your case is dismissed! 

There are some difficult “cases” you’ve encountered in your life that you need the Lord to dismiss.

There are people in your life who tested your faith and challenged you at some point. It’s okay to wish you didn’t have to experience pain.

Your justice is served!

There are even times when you can’t feel the unfairness of the world. If you trust in God “A radical change will come after your storm” you will know that your justice is served in the spiritual lawsuit and you will get your future blessing. 

In conclusion, The truth is, Lord God is your one and only defense in your time of trouble.

When we cry out to God for a material blessing yet we ignore the blessing of his love for us.

There is nothing in this life that can even come close to the blessing of knowing you are deeply loved by God himself.

It is like throwing away a beautiful steak dinner and getting on our knees to eat from the dog bowl.

Moreover, you will see, there are some impactful events in your future. You need to know about as soon as possible because there are several “cases” I see God dismissing on your behalf! 

God is preparing to give you major blessings, some of the signs are:
  • If your wish to obey God’s commands in the Bible is growing, This is a sign God is preparing you to be blessed.
  • God Is Increasing Your Desire and Ability to Serve Others Sacrificially.
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