Your Free Prophecy can give You Joy

I know you’ve been yearning for joy. From the moment of birth, there is yearning for happiness, and an endless race towards it. It is considered one of the greatest positive attributes. If you analyze your actions, you’ll discover that all of them are in some way or another, happiness oriented. You want to feel good and be happy, don’t you? When circumstances and events are to your liking, you are happy, and when they are not, you feel miserable, don’t you? How can you experience this coveted state? You can seek to know your free prophetic word concerning your future.

 Just imagine reading a word of a free prophecy being spoken into your life that gives you exciting joy about your future. You would be delighted to know that God has a dynamic plan for you, wouldn’t you? You can picture yourself creating and experience only the best because you heard a word from the Lord that had you in the right place at the right time, correct? You can experience this… it’s true. You want to know the good that God has to say about you, don’t you?  You can experience unlimited joy through the power of prophecy in your life when you have a prophet in your life to advance you in your future. The time is now to uncover the truth about your situation. You can discover 5 simple ways free prophecy infuses joy in your experience when you read what the Prophet is saying to your heart…

5 Simple Ways a Prophet Infuses Joy in Your Experience:

 1.      A Prophet infuses joy through restoration in the midst of aggravation – A prophet speaks to your situation and causes you to experience the joy of comfort that God is about to bring through restoration in the midst of the negative stronghold that has you feeling bewildered.

 2.     A Prophet infuses joy through awareness – The prophet creates awareness through revelation and edification. At first, you didn’t know your future yet now you do when the Prophet delivers your word. You can be joyful to know that God has spoken a wonderful promise into your life that you can help fulfill. This places your mind at ease.

 3.     A Prophet infuses joy through speaking the good news – A prophet may speak dramatic changes and bold transitions in your life, you will experience. However, it is always replacing an experience that was negative and was never empowering you. So you can rejoice and be glad in that.

 4.     A Prophet infuses joy through repetition – You will discover that God’s word will always uphold righteousness, exhortation, edification and comfort.  This theme will be a repetitive occurrence in your life each time you speak with a Prophet. This will cause you to be joyful.

 5.     The Prophet infuses joy through new activity – The word of the Lord often breaks off old ineffective patterns and introduces you to new, lively ones. This applies to business, finances, family dealings and relationships. The honest potential for joy lies in your experience of new processes and new connections.

After reading this, the direction you take in the next 2 minutes can suddenly decide what you will experience in next 72 hours. This is exactly why it’s best to hear from God in these hours… in fact, it is imperative that you read what God is saying about you in the next  72 hours or less, because your life is worth it.  You already know what happens when you believe the prophet.  Divine Favor is being extended only to those who act in obedience to trust God even in the midst of the drought! Act now in obedience to God’s word fill out the the web form for a free prophecy.

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