And the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were 200; and all their brother and were at their commandment.  I Chronicles 12:32

Its time for you to receive your free prophecy and it was very important that I send you a free written prophecy today. That you may read what is to happen in the unborn future that was about to happen in your life; in the next few moments. The future is the indefinite time yet to come. It is known to be the time after the press. The future is very valuable to all of us. Whatever we want to achieve in the future is usually defined by what has happened in the past, and dictates how we build our life in the present to create that future that we dream of.

There are different kinds of future.

  • There is a future we hope for to become a princess/prince, the queen/king or a monarch.
  • We also have the future that we feared such as becoming poor or acquiring cancer or get locked up.
  • Again, no matter what future we choose, what we need to realize is that we can choose our future or re-created.
  • And however, we act in the present, will be based on what we want to see as an outcome in the future.

I hear the Lord saying I have plans for you for good and not for evil saith the Lord. As you hearken to the voice of my word, you are going to see a clear demonstration of my faith, and as you move forward you’ll going to say that I am lifting you up to a new plateau in this hour saith the Lord. You are getting ready to come into the great awakening as this season brings you into a new aligning… The alignment that I am bringing forth is one that is going to bring structure and order into your present situation. I will visit your income and changed the day instead or ahead of you in this hour saith the Lord.

God has a plan for you, and that is to be redeemed from all the sins we commit before we join him in heaven. The ultimate master plan of God enables us to live a good Christian life, following the life he truly wants us to lead. The pass, present and the future is entwined together such that one affects the other. We cannot make decisions or actions in life that is not, in one way or another, being influences or affects the past, the present or the future.

We may say that we want to complete college, get a decent job and get rich. Why do we want this future? Because we have seen how people in our past-life family or relatives were burdened with finding a job because they were unable to finish studies. We aim to become better and help ourselves and our family by aspiring wealth in the future. And we will do all our means today to achieve it.

You may not realize it, but by having this kind of mindset already allows you to live your life in the future today. Yes, today is the present! We already strive to live our future life today and reap the outcomes tomorrow. The future ahead of you is full of possibilities. As you start on living your life today towards the fulfillment of all these possibilities. I want to continue in your future with a free prophecy and set you up with a greater situation then you can imagine. I as your personal prophet will send you a free written prophecy into a possibility that is going to unleash blessings in your life several hours after you read your personal prophecy I will send to you back in your email.

Aren’t you worth it to know the future about your life? Isn’t it better to spend a little more now, instead of a lot later because of ignorance? Don’t you deserve the best? My total commitment is to give you accuracy and a clear prophetic word that will help you fulfill your destiny for your life. Your  free prophecy will stretch into your future and began a divine cycle of increase that will release you from the turmoil of yesterday and give you insight of the unborn future that is coming for tomorrow.

When you request a free prophecy. I will release a word to you. You will start to see the prophetic direction concerning the life you are ordained to live. Your free prophecy is your turn around blessing.

  •  Free prophecy is your light to see in the dark.
  • Free prophecy will help you stretch into a future that is not yet born.

Free written prophecy  is the next step you must make to create the possibility that awaits your future.

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