Have you ever tried to create a building?

Whether you have or have not, there is one important thing that everyone should know when making a building. It is that you need to have a good, strong, solid foundation.

You don’t start a house by building the walls, but by creating a good strong foundation. This really helps to steady the core of integrity, especially when the foundation you are building is one in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even though His church was built upon the foundations of prophets and revelators, Jesus Christ himself is the chief cornerstone. Like Him, He wanted all of us to be a sturdy rock of faith. It is good that we have good defenses, but God needs not only those strongholds, but also an offense to battle the evils of today.

The work is not being done only by His servants, the prophets. They are merely revelators to speak to the world His will. Each and every one of us has to also pick up the sword of righteousness and battle against the enemy and the world.

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