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Your consciousness is the center.  Which means, when you understand God, God is, as Neville describes, “your wonderful imagination.”  Your consciousness is the state from which your world mirrors, which means, the world is a mirror.  You keep barking at your neighbor and fighting them.  Stop fighting your neighbor.  That neighbor is you.  You’re like the dog that’s barking at the other dog in the mirror, and that is you.  The world is you pressed out in many forms.

What is a “state?” A “state” is defined as all that you believe and give your power of consent to as being the truth of you.

Religion likes to close both ends.  Religion likes to make things start at birth and end at death.  But we as spiritual beings realize we had a life before we came into this body, and we will have a life when we leave this body.  There was never a time that Master Prophet Bernard Jordan did not live. He is not only 45 earth years.  The Master Prophet is the ancient of days.  As a matter of fact, he am as old as God, because he has always been in the Father from the very beginning.  All God did was press him out.  And God pressed him out in every era.  Every time piece that there ever was he was manifesting somewhere in heaven or earth.

According to your Spiritual Readings, you have the gene of God in you.  You have the life of God in you.  Dogs beget dogs.  Cats beget cats.  Monkeys beget monkeys.  God begets God.  It’s just that simple.  I don’t know why you would want to become something else other than God.  There are many people, they’re Divinity having human experiences, and they are miserable because they don’t know how much God they are.

It’s time for you to rise up out of your seasons of uncertainty and begin to be partakers of His Divine nature.  As you become a partaker of His Divine nature you will become Divinity in motion. Start realizing the God inside of you. Let the Master Prophet give you your personal prophecy today by clicking here.

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