1God created man for the purpose of dominion. He was to rule over creation. There is a law of dominion: anything over which a person does not have dominion has dominion over that person. We are either in control in God or we are controlled outside of God. The power of prophecy reveals your purpose that was specifically designed by God.

The church is called to exercise dominion in the earth. Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” The greater light, the sun, represents the Lord; the lesser light, the moon, represents the church. How does the moon give forth light? It has no light of itself, but it receives its light from the sun and shines it forth as a reflection. The greater light rules all of our solar system, while the lesser light rules the earth only.

The lights were created for the purpose of providing signs, seasons, days and years. The truth is that these signs are given by God; however, the enemy has perverted this truth to the point that many Christians believe that any use of the stars for signs, for discernment of the times, is astrology. For example, the wise men at the time of Jesus’ birth looked to the stars for a sign, which we know they found. Following a certain star, they were led to Jesus. Would a sign from Satan lead anyone to Him? Again, at that time another group was looking into the Word of God, and the star became a confirmation to them, a witness of creation as to the season of the birth of Christ. These group of men were the shepherds.

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