Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but always found an excuse not to do it?

We have so much potential wasted because of these random excuses that we come  up with. Life is short, so we must do all that we can, get all the experiences we can get out of endless possibilities, and grow as much as we can grow.

Our Heavenly Father has given us infinite activities to do in this world. Whether big or small, when you get the urge to do something, you should do it. Sometimes, we let fear get in the way of what we want. The moment we hesitate and start to invite fear, all sorts of questions enter the mind like, “what ifs”.

“What ifs” are the most dangerous questions to ask because it makes us doubt our potential and who we are. And who we are is someone with divine potential and endless possibilities.

Make a list of stuff that you want to do. Learn a new instrument. Save up for a new car. Climb a mountain. Travel. Learn how to swim. Explore. Don’t give in to the fears that will only leave you with the more dreaded question, “what if I did go?” or “what if I did it?”. Then you might have had the time of your life. You never know what it can do for you.

Pray  for the courage to be able to make plans for yourself. Don’t back down and don’t be discouraged by people telling you what to do or  how to do it. As long as it is the Lord’s way, then it is the right way.

The Lord asks us to do a lot of things — serve, have charity, be humble, be kind, be forgiving, and a lot of other things. But it does not mean He is asking us not to have fun, rather, we should have fun within the limits set by our loving Father in Heaven that all His children may enjoy the blessings that He has provided for us. He wants to give us equal chances according to the circumstances where we have been placed. Even if our situation is a difficult one, He wants us to try to find that little ray of sunshine behind the clouds and continue to press on and hope for a better day.

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