Dream big and dream for the rest of your life because DREAMS DON’T HAVE DEADLINES! No matter how old or young we are, we have the capacity to DREAM BIG! It doesn’t matter what our present looks like, we still have the capacity to DREAM BIG! If we want to see the manifestation of God in our life, we must DREAM BIG!

The excuse that we have been “waiting on God” has been dismissed. Our past struggles were not because God did not answer our prayers. It was because we missed our divine setup. But God loves us so much that He kept us on His mind.

The Holy Spirit revealed that if we can see the whole picture, we are not dreaming big enough. It’s time for us to DREAM and DREAM BIG! If we can fund it ourselves, we are not dreaming big enough. If we can accomplish it within in a week, we are not dreaming big enough. Don’t allow the enemy to sway us into thinking that what we have is good enough. And we should not allow ourselves to be comfortable at rest.

Dream Big and Trust God

We must start to give ourselves the permission to depend on God and trust the prophet that He has sent into our lives. Whatever we do, we should not miss the prophetic answers to the problems we are facing, because whatever has been manipulating us out of our divine space will be annihilated.

Let’s break every curse in our life that has tried to quiet the greatness of our destiny that is living inside us. Know that when the prophet serves the death certificate on something, it is dead! Let our families know that we have a prophet who has been praying for a major turnaround within our family. Keep hoping, keep dreaming and keep trusting that God will supply, deliver, set free and manifest in our lives like never before!

Dream Big and Don’t Listen To The Enemy’s Voice

The enemy was a liar from the very beginning. The goal of the enemy is to trick us into believing that life is tough and unfair. We can survive these attacks from the enemy. The power of prophecy is our flashlight shining brightly in every dark corner of our life. The enemy cannot fully comprehend what God has in store for us and our household.

The Holy Spirit is pulling us out of the vacuum and placing us on the playing field. Our days of hiding in the background will be over! Just in case we forget, God is still in the business of answering our prayers. Let’s jump up and down with great excitement and expectation because God will set us up for yet another TESTIMONY!

The closet doors have been shut. It is time for us to face the music. The wait is over! God’s prophetic timing is in full operation. Snatch away all the excuses that have caused us to not see our dreams realized in this lifetime!


The enemy underestimated the power and force of our prayer life. The strongholds that were designed to take us and our family out have been destroyed.

If we put the work in, we are going to be rewarded. The sacrifices we have made are proof that we are one of God’s chosen vessels. Our mind is expanding so that we can receive the download of fresh revelation. It’s time to dream big and move forward.

The Holy Spirit is going to cause us to have dreams and visions that will unlock the secrets concerning the prophetic word spoken over our lives. The hand of God is reaching out from heaven to give us the support we need to calm our mind and DREAM BIG, without any interruptions.

Let’s close our eyes and see the many blessings that are falling from heaven into our laps, just as God has promised.

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