Your future is in your hands. Whatever you achieve comes from what you expect to achieve!


To be able to connect with your own best vision of how your life could be, you need to look beyond the presumptions and mental limitations of others. Sometimes, the opinions of others are just the ones that hold you back. Some may mean well, some may not, but it is up to you to break through the wall of opinions and do what’s best to achieve your goals.


You must understand that life is an open-ended journey and whatever you achieve comes from what you expect to achieve and what you work to achieve in God! You don’t need to spend time worrying about what everyone else thought. Instead, you just need to keep living your truth!


There may be sinister individuals lurking around you right now whose critical conversations are attempting to liquidate your prophetic momentum. Do not let bad company liquidate your future! Wherever you are right now, begin worshiping the Lord because the Lord says, EVERYTHING that seeks to liquidate your future MUST GO in order for GREAT THINGS to happen in your life! A DIVINE LIQUIDATION is about to take place for the sake of your future!


The enemy desperately wants you to miss out on this; however, the Lord is sending EIGHT (8) RIGHTEOUS RESTORATIONS for you to witness before your very eyes because you have been selected for DIVINE PROMOTION!

  1. God will REVIVE your spiritual vision to recognize unseen opportunities!
  2. God will REDEEM your health for optimum functionality and longevity!
  3. God will REPAIR your heart to attract authentic intimacy and affection!
  4. God will REVERSE the enemy’s oppressive plan to attack your family!
  5. God will RESOLVE personal issues that leave you emotionally drained!
  6. God will REIMBURSE you for all of what the enemy took from you!
  7. God will RENEW your mind for divine idea creation!
  8. God will RESUME your power to get wealth!


Your divine future shall be restored by the Spirit of the Living God! Expect to achieve great things and get ready for GREAT THINGS to materialize!

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