This is your season of plenty. Do not miss your day of visitation due to “cheating.” 


If you cannot be faithful in your money, then how can God trust you with spiritual gifts? How can He trust you with the true riches of the Kingdom in this season? In other words, money has a unique way of exposing your true character. Here is a powerful truth that you should know: money doesn’t decrease you; it increases you!  If money corrupts you, why hasn’t the enemy “overdosed” you with it? Think about it.


What happens whenever you give money to an addict? He or she will buy more of whatever it is they are addicted to, no matter the amount you give. Money doesn’t corrupt them. Instead, it enhances who they already are.


It may be a sensitive subject about giving and people are easily offended because it is a sensitive area. 

For example, “The church is always after my money,” is a common complaint. Yet, the question every Believer must ask is, “Am I cheating in my relationship with God when it comes to my giving?”




The truth is there are many who desire a financial windfall, a multi-million dollar blessing or a significant increase in their finances, however, their first notion wouldn’t be to give into the Kingdom. The Father knows this because He knows each and every one of us. 

The Bible says…


“For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.” (2 Corinthians 8:12)


The Lord says…


“I know the desires of your heart. I sincerely do. This is your unique season to see yourself as the faithful steward that I have called you to be because the supernatural release of your harvest is hiding in your stewardship! Don’t cheat your future by succumbing to the ills of your circumstances. Understand that your faithfulness unto Me produces My faithfulness unto you and your giving is also a major component that shall also enhance your living! Oh taste and see that I AM good!”


God says, “Your faithfulness is about to fill up EVERY area of your life that feels void and depleted of My presence!”


The Lord says, “TODAY, your seed shall meet your need!” Glory hallelujah! There is something extraordinary that’s about to take place in your life that is going to leave you speechless! REMAIN FAITHFUL and see because FAITHFULNESS IN YOUR GIVING ALLOWS GOD TO IMPROVE YOUR LIVING!

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