You need to take care of your own relationship. If you say you are with this person because you love him or her, then take the time to tend to this relationship. How much time do you spending thinking about, complaining about, what he or she is doing wrong?

You need to be aware of how you act towards your partner. Catch yourself when you do this, and stop. When you do this, consciously turn your focus to the best respond you can give. What can be the best thing you can do right now?

For example, your husband comes home late from work, then instead of stewing in anger, take the time to read a book or enjoy a bubble bath. You can redirect your focus and make the best out of the time, instead of focusing your emotions and energy on being angry.

When they get home, you can smile and say hi. If they don’t want to attend an event with you, then, smile and go out with your friends. Refuse to let little things in your relationship get in the way. When you operate from a place of love, you can be patient, understanding, and forgiving.

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