spiritualy healthyMany people consider themselves as “spiritual” these days. They say that they are not “religious” but they are spiritual. But what is true spirituality? True spirituality is being one with God and having a deep connection with Him. It is finding peace and resting in the confidence that God is with you. Your spiritual health is very important, because you cannot tell others and influence them if you’re not spiritually healthy.

When you speak to a prophet, he can help and guide you in your journey to becoming spiritually healthy. He will give you the right steps into having a deeper relationship with God. God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives is the living truth that we can never go wrong with our life decisions. We not only grow in our faith, but we get to share it to others with confidence. You are spiritually healthy if your faith in God is not threatened by anything.

When you are spiritually healthy, you get the benefits of being able to hear and put into practice what you hear from church. You become more obedient without even trying because your heart already belongs to the right place. Obedience measures how much we love God. Does your heart obey God? Let the Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and his prophets give you guidance in your spiritual journey. Get your free written prophecy today.


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