The first man sinned, but not just once; Adam sinned many times. Before he sinned the first time he was righteous. His righteousness was of his own doing, as a created being. It was the righteousness of a man. However, Adam never had the righteous of Christ upon him. What he lost was his own self righteousness.

The righteousness of Christ has been put to our account, put upon us and it is a righteous in abundance, ever superabundance. Because it is of divine, all of the glory belongs to God alone. Adam stood at the head of the human race and brought death upon all, so our Lord Christ stood for man and brings life to all who believe on Him.We are under grace because we stand before God as justified men. Grace is the state of justification. Because we have been justified and we can never be condemned. God was under no duress or compulsion to save us. Nothing made Christ die for our sins on the cross. Nothing made God credit the perfect righteous of Christ to our account. God did it because He chose to do so out grace.If we are objecting to God revealed word saying how can we be saved by something someone else has done for us, it is probably because we are not saved.

Master Prophet believe that the good news for all in Adam is that a righteous God by a judicial act declares sinful men to be in a right standing before Him, not on the basis of their own merits because they have none as sinners, but only on the basis of what Jesus Christ has done by dying in our place on the cross. Jesus took the penalty of death for our sins upon Himself and died on our behalf. Now those sins have been punished and God imputes the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ to our account.God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in the life through the one man, Jesus Christ.”( Romans 5:17)

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