Why is it so important to have a map?

The world is a very large place where people get lost. Besides the challenges with the geographical location, there are also challenges with the different circumstances, the people that you meet, and a lot of surprises up and down the road that will leave you rolling, breathless and sometimes, bloodied up.

Life feels that way. With all those stumbling blocks and obstacles, it feels as though the enemy would win. God did not intend for those obstacles to make us succumb to the will of the evil one, but rather, for us to exercise our agency. To choose on our own behalf the path that we will take.

What do we have to do that will put us on the right path?

Have faith in the Savior Jesus Christ

Faith is not merely believing, but it is the act of performing according to one’s beliefs. Our actions will be the evidence of our faith. If we act and pattern our lives according to how the Savior lived His, then people will know that we are His disciples and people will know that we have faith in Christ.

Maintain good scripture study habits

There is a difference between reading for leisure and for learning. When you read the scriptures for learning, you will be able to find new meanings to passages that you may have encountered before. You will be able to receive His word and His spirit along with it. His words that will guide and bless not only your life, but the lives of others whom you can impart the word to.

Establish a daily habit of prayer.
Constant communication is key to a healthy relationship and we all need a healthy relationship with our Loving Father in Heaven. Even if He already knows our hearts and our needs, He still needs to hear it from us. More importantly, we still need to tell Him. Talking to God is one way of receiving guidance through thoughts and impressions that are being left upon us as we speak to Him.

We may not have a physical map that helps us how to deal with life, but what we do have are signs that point us to the direction that we should take, towards the true path that we should follow.

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