In the Old Times, specifically during the Bible times, prophecies were delivered to men through the prophets- the same thing with how it is today. However, they differ in the sense that prophecies in the Old Times were given with indirect words, meaning, people still have to think deeply of what that certain prophecy is trying to imply because they were supposed to be interpreted not literally, while today are written and spoken boldly by the prophets who delivers it.

Comparing prophecies in the Old Times and of today, one great advantage that both have is that, they are for free. Yes, prophecies were given for free to everyone who desires to hear it and have it in their lives to be practiced and implied. And as of today, there are a lot of prophets who gave prophecies to every people all over the world, with the Master Prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan being in the topmost of the list.

Bishop Jordan was a world renowned prophet, minister, and preacher for his unnumbered works especially in helping many people lift up their lives from different messes that they were into: poverty, debt, sickness, broken relationships; and the list goes on. For how many years from the day he was called by the Lord and told what he would become, he strived to follow the Lord’s instructions, and helped many people he had encountered in his life. He was thanked by the people whom he has rendered his help, but he was more thankful to help and become the channel of God in reaching out to His people.

Let your life change today, and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you through hearing a prophecy. Get your free prophecy direct from the Master Prophet himself and be with the others who have spent their days on earth with great abundance, contentment, and pure bliss.

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