What do false prophets say about the gospel? Their interpretation of the gospel identifies the first point of error with the following deviations: they reject the cross; they reject salvation through Christ alone; they reject salvation through his blood; and they reject the payment of blood of Jesus for the penalty of sin for people like you and me.

Many offer salvation outside the authority of Scripture. Jesus warned against the deceits of powerful false prophets who would deceive many. Close upon his warning of the powerful demonstrations of false prophets, Christ cautioned against those who would come in his name. “Many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ.” Some will state that they come as the messenger of Jesus, declaring validity for their messages. They would use their signs and wonders to confirm their presumptions: “I told you I was the Christ. I told you I was from Jesus, and I had His message. Look what I have done.”

Now, you can see how they will sway many people to follow them. No wonder many will conclude, “This Christian leader coming in the name of Jesus is so good, so clever. The messages we hear are often about Jesus. We see wonderful miracles that could only be of God. This person must assuredly be a prophet of God whom we can admire and follow.” Other false prophets will come who will claim to be Christ. Throughout history, many have made this claim. They take the name of Jesus for themselves, yet reject, deny, and denounce the Jesus presented to us in Scripture.  

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