When God created the world, it took Him six days to finish His creation; and on the seventh day, He rested. In commemoration of the creation, God hallowed the seventh day and intended that man may rest on that day.

How are we treating the Sabbath? As God intended or as we please? The Sabbath is an important day to the Lord; so how can we make our Sabbaths more meaningful and worshipful?

First, we may start with our thoughts. Everything that we do on that day must be centered towards the Savior. If we know Him well enough, we will know the things that will please Him. We must think about Him even more and keep Him in our thoughts.

Second, if we always have Him in our thoughts, it will affect the way we speak. As Christians, we should watch our words. How we talk says a lot about who and what we think about. Our words should reflect our thoughts.

Lastly, if we have those two, then our actions will also change. This is vital because we will be known as followers of Christ and as sons and daughters of God by how we act and by what we do.

Let us continue to carry on keeping the Sabbath day holy as the Lord commanded. If we do these things and keep Him in our hearts and minds, we will not be able to just keep His presence in our Sundays, but also in our entire week.

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