A woman came to one of my conferences and she made a pledge. However, when she made the pledge she had not received prior permission from her husband. She used her husband’s credit card. The Word of the Lord to her was that in the fullness of time she would bring forth a son and that she would present the son to the prophet of God. She had a history of dificulty conceiving children. She tried to conceive for 15 years with no success. Prophets of the bible have always spoken words that have been ignored because some people chose not to believe.

The husband didn’t believe what the prophet said. So, he demanded that she pull back the pledge. However, after she pulled back the pledge she became pregnant and in the fullness of time she was able to deliver a healthy baby. Unfortunately, two years later, the child died. Later she went to another prophet to inquire of the Lord regarding the death of her child. The prophet said to her, “You do not know what the man of God had to go through to bring forth your child into this realm. When the child took ill you should have taken the child and placed him at the feet of the prophet.” Instead of taking the child to the hospital, the child was supposed to be taken to the prophet because it wasn’t a normal child. The child died because the covenant was broken.

When children come by supernatural pronouncement of a prophetic word, and trauma or drama happens to them, you cannot take them straight to the physician. You have to first take them to the prophet who prophesied their lives into existence. Oftentimes, people forget the source, the invisible supply take heed to the prophetic voices that wish to guide you.