When people hear the word, “Prophet” they often think about the ancient times when old men would prophesy in front of crowds and tell them about God’s message. While this is true, it was also 2,000 years ago.

Modern prophets are now around to still declare God’s message to you. They are here to serve as instruments to help and guide you in your life. Although they may not be on the streets shouting God’s Word, they are still here to declare good news to each and every one of us who wants to hear it.

You probably have so many questions that need answering: Questions about your life, family, career and love. “What’s the right career for me?”, “Why am I not prospering?”, “What is my purpose in life?” – These are just some of the mind boggling things that are going on in your head right now. Well you are very blessed, because now is the time to find out what God’s been wanting to tell you all these years.

The Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and the company of prophets can help you in all aspects of your life.When you speak to the prophet, all your questions will be answered. While God’s will is being revealed to you, you will be enlightened and finally have direction! As you get your free written prophecy, your worries, concerns and issues will be resolved. You will feel God working in your life and have the confidence to get yourself back on your feet. Get your free prophecy today.